Things I've Learned From 2013

1. Even when you stray from the path, know that the universe will bring you back.

2. Do what's right, and if you don't know what is...ask.

3. Happiness is a great glass of wine on the couch with my love and doggies.

4. Take photos - but don't live your life through a lens.

5. Being less sarcastic feels better on the soul.

6. Working 3 jobs is hard. Really hard. Have more compassion for those that need to work multiple jobs to support their families.

7. When you take things less seriously, life is more fun. For real.

8. Life is short. Embrace the present moment, embrace change.

9. I am the boss of my own life.

10. Lower your expectations, there is always tomorrow.

Happy New Years Eve!

***Below are some of my favorite inspirational 'pins' from this past year.***