testing testing 1,2,3

it has been too long. And at the moment I am not sure what to say or where this is going. I have started and stopped so many things in my 33 years so far. And I have always been drawn to share. create. write. design. I have started a lot of different blogs and I get so caught up behind the title and the concept, the great idea, that I stop. I lose my drive, my confidence, my desire.

So let us start here. Lets just go with this. Just another yoga mama sharing her journey in life.


surprise surprise...

Ive been a little m.i.a lately and heres why...

Im a little over 15 weeks pregnant! 

Feeling excited and anxious for January 2017 (2 under 2, send coffee)...

This pregnancy started like the last with all day nausea and exhaution, but something felt a little different, a little bit harder.

A few weeks ago, I had middle back pain that felt excruciating for 2 days, but being me, I blew it off as a pulled muscle. We then went up to Tahoe and I was still in pain that felt like it was getting worse, and had to go to the ER. I was hospitalized for 3 days where they diagnosed me with a gall bladder disease and saw lots of gall stones. Because I was in the 1st trimester and my gb was so infected, surgery wasnt an option. The surgeon said to wait until 2nd trimester and have it removed.

We are in the process now of working with specialists in SF and deciding to remove gall stones, remove gall bladder, or leave it until after pregnancy which is my goal! What I have done and continue to do is to modify my diet so I'm eating as little fat as possible (fun when you're pregnant) and work on breaking up these gall stones naturally. Still exhausted, but haven't relapsed since the week after my hospital visit.

I felt like sharing finally because I've reached the 2nd trimester and know the baby is doing well! I've also had to give up a lot of my classes (heated power flow, mama + baby, pure barre), I'm postponing my September retreat, and taking some time for my health, my toddler, and this growing babe.

My only public class right now is Tuesday 7-8pm at Parkpoint in Sonoma (every other week).

I'm feeling good, just taking it easy, which is something I dont usually do :)

Lots of love to all you happy shiny people out there,

November Resolutions

The moment my head hits the pillow I am usually fast asleep. Last night I felt the need to write, to reestablish goals for my self, to feel heard. And instead of projecting a year out...what about just this day, this week, this month.

Here are my goals:

be more patient

be authentic

believe in your light

follow your heart

do something wild

love more

breathe deeply

+ one more below, from Coelho



And then it was November...

Where did October, September, August, July, and June go?

I have no idea.

Time is moving faster than it ever has before. When I wrote the last post I was in Florida's heat + humidity, in April!

Finally it is beginning to feel like Fall...my favorite season.

Here are some visuals to get you in the mood...


I am on a vacation.

Relax and restore.

Making room for what will come. Calming the mind with the salty Atlantic air, the sand, the breeze.

Florida is not the most relaxing state, getting from point a to point b. Wide flat roads that lead to the beach. Now that is the spot. Deep breaths here.

I am on a vacation.

Working, planning, scheming, appreciating, yoga-ing, reading.